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Marcelo MonacoHow are you? Hope that like me you have enjoyed the amazing London Olympic Games, and by the time this article has reached you, the even more amazing Paralympics Games. One thing that really surprised me while watching the games was that some of the medal winners started to train for their current sport at the time of the Beijing Olympics, only four years ago. That just reinforced my belief that with a smart goal and the adequate strategies everything is possible. So how about setting a short, a medium and a long term fitness goals for yourself?

For example, what would you like to be able to do by Christmas? Or by the new year? Run 5k? 10k? Maybe a half marathon and support a great cause? And lose few kilograms in the process and start next year with a new wardrobe? It sounds good to me!

Marcelo MonacoSo choose your goal, and break it down week by week planning in advance what you have to do to achieve it. For example, there are fourteen weeks until Christmas. If you’re starting from scratch, set yourself the goal of running 5K. Start by walking for three minutes, then jogging for one minute for one Kilometre two times for the first week. Then, every week you gradually reduce the walking time and increase the jogging time until you’re able to jog for the full Kilometre. This goal should take you 6 weeks to achieve, if you train twice a week.

Now you can start the second phase! Your goal now is to increase the distance you can jog without stopping by adding about 500 metres per session… until you reach your 5K goal in 14 weeks time! As an added bonus you will have burned around 10000 calories on the process, which means a guilty free Christmas.

So get your trainers on and let’s go! Highgate Woods is very pleasant for this type of training, whilst Alexandra Palace is more challenging. If you need support setting up your personal plan please feel free to send me an email.

I am always looking for inspiration to write new articles, and who better than you to tell me what you want to read about in next month’s fitness column. Send me your thoughts [email protected].


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