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How are you? Hope that you are enjoying the lovely warm weather as much as me and my family (at the time I am writing this article, it’s 25 degrees according to my phone).

How was your holiday? This year I am very happy that all my clients who had body composition improvement goals for the holidays have achieved it, and I would like to say special congratulations to Sinead Quiney who is looking absolutely amazing in time for her wedding.

Now what I really want to talk about in this article is the introduction of long term health and fitness habits into our lives. I feel extremely happy when each of my clients achieve their goals, but my real goal for all of them, my friends, family and for you who read this column every month is to make sure the work we do together is the start of long term relationship with a healthier lifestyle. After we achieve our goals comes the most important part: it’s time to capitalise on the achievement and introduce small habits that will make us healthier, fitter and happier for the rest of our lives.

summer fitnessHabits & consistency are the two magical words. The best way is to start with a small change, and every month add another one. If you manage to do that, by this time next year you are going to be in amazing place. How about I am going to help you with your first month’s target: if you are not training, start to train two times a week for one hour each time. You can do anything. Maybe you can start with something you always wanted to do: Run, cycle, swim, climbing, try that class at the gym, a new sport, personal training, CrossFit, anything.

If you are already training two or three times a week, how about analyse your daily calorie, protein, sugar and vegetables intake? There are many apps that help you to do that easily and on the go. Or you can also could try something new and exciting in terms of training. You choose – just make sure you stick to it and gain momentum to add another improvement next month.

Please keep me posted about your improvements & achievements via email and let me know if you need any support. And remember:  One hour of training is only 4% of your week – a great investment of you time I can guarantee!

See you soon Mx



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