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How to achieve success

How are you? I hope that all is great since last time we spoke and that you have implemented at least one healthy habit to your life since last month. Did you? How do you feel about it? In case you did not read my column last month, we were talking about introducing every month a healthy change on our lifestyle. Yes, that’s it: just one change a month, so it’s easy enough to manage. The chance of succeeding is pretty high and we can capitalise on the pleasure of the achievement to ‘feed’ next month’s upgrade and keep growing.

I am doing my homework too, so I can also improve and learn from the challenges to support my friends and clients with their changes. In my case I am training for the 2014 CrossFit Games. It’s a massive logistic challenge for many reasons, but the first rule to succeed on any challenge is not to focus on the difficulties but instead focus on the solutions. I personally like the challenge of finding the best solution for a problem; it doesn’t matter if it is an ultra complex matter or a simple thing like how to carry a pram, my daughter in the car seat, five shopping bags and my gym bag upstairs to my flat all at the same time.

how to achieve successSo my main tip for this month’s lifestyle upgrade is: Use a skill you’re already very good at, like organisation, time management, problem solving or determination and apply it to the new positive change. That way you will not only increase your chances to succeed and have pleasure with the final result but will also have pleasure during the process by using a skill you’re already proficient in.

Please keep sending emails about your choices of changes and your achievements, it’s very important for me and it really motivates me to hear about your success stories and challenges and it also helps me to know what is more useful for me to write about next month.

And remember: There is no easy route to real success, as soon as you realise that and invest your energy not into finding an easier route you can dedicate your time and energy to achieve your goals. Stay away from new magical diets & exercises, if in doubt, look at what your favourite athletes are doing and eating for inspiration or ask us and we will help with great pleasure. See you soon! Mx



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