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January Exercises

january exercises

It’s December! I don’t believe how fast we have got here again!

First, I would like to wish an amazing Christmas to you & your family. Hope that Santa brings you all you wished for, (if you behaved well of course!). That said, there are some things Santa will definitely not give you, you have to get it by yourself. And that’s the fun of it. You probably know what I am talking about. Yes, the body you want: toned arms, legs, gluteus and abs. And I also know what you are thinking now: “It’s Party Season so I am going to january exercisesenjoy it and leave this taking care of my body thing for after the New Year’s Eve party.” And I understand that, after all, we are only human. So Instead of telling you what to do now I am going to give you a hand with your plan.

Ready? Here we go: You are going to need four pieces to complete this puzzle. I am going to focus in one piece per article on the next few months. So here’s the first piece:

Training strategy

(As I am speaking to generally, I have to plan this for the mathematical average person from this demographic location and the most wanted goal at this time of the year. So if you want personal planning or simple advice, please contact me through my website.)

You’re going to perform every day through the month of January 2014 what I call the five minute drill. Perform this routine as soon as you wake up:

Set your phone to bip at every 30 seconds (far from your bedroom please as I don’t want to receive complaints from anybody’s partners) and perform each of those 10 exercises for 30 seconds each on a non-stop clock:

1-      Abdominal crunches

2-      Jumping Jacks

3-      Deep Squats

4-      Press ups

5-      High Knees

6-      fitness plans during christmasMountain Climbers

7-      Side to side hops

8-      Burpees

9-      Leg raises

10-   Twisted crunches

Doing it when you wake up means that:

  1. the day’s events cannot conspire to destroy your plan,
  2. it will enable you to burn fat more effectively through the whole day by kick starting your metabolism,
  3. it will trigger your body to release feel good hormones,
  4. you will start your day with a positive note and even if the rest of your day is a disaster you have still done good for yourself.

Can you commit to that? Five minutes! Of course, or you simply don’t want to get fit. Now that’s your mission for January. Keep strong, focus on the prize and keep me posted of your progress and success stories. See you in 2014!

PS: don’t worry if you’re not brilliant with any of the exercises, you will be good at all of them by February

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