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Lauderdale House 12th– 24th June




Muswell Hill artists Feza Erkeller–Yuksel and Helen Lee will be holding a joint exhibition at Lauderdale House in Highgate from June 12th – 24th. Feza and Helen have shared studio space together for several years and exhibited in London and Hertfordshire independently, but this will be the first time they have shown their work alongside each other.

This particular exhibition showcases their passion for London as they present work that reveals the city in all its vibrant diversity, from scenes that capture the calm of suburban streets to those that celebrate the grandeur of its most iconic landmarks. Helen’s and Feza’s painting is separated by approaches to subject matter that are wholly unique, but their work also reveals a cohesiveness that reflects the support and encouragement they have shown each other throughout their work and friendship.

Erkeller-Yuksel paints in oil and the energy her work encapsulates builds upon the harmonies she forges between such oppositional aspects as colour, form, landscape and architecture. Her expressive style pulls the viewer in, creating a sense of atmosphere and place that is as tangible as it is resonant. Feza is from Istanbul but has lived in London for over 25 years. Her exhibition of scenes from the Thames and those of Cappadocia – the region where her grandparents’ town is – draws on the dual influence her background and her life in London has had on her work.

Lee’s work is also inspired by her life in the city, having moved to London from the Northeast. Her most recent work presents a series of studies that focus on the city’s northern suburbs. She paints with watercolours and strives to incorporate the physicality and definition of architectural structures into her work. Using ink and wash to elucidate the shapes and forms that constitute the street scenes she captures, Lee’s paintings are both precise and uncanny in their depiction of London. Through a combination of expressive, loose marks and a measured attention to detail, Helen creates a rich impression of urban life that draws just as much on subtlety as it does on the vibrancy of the city.

Following a series of exhibitions held all over London, both artists have recently started enjoying the success their dedication and diligence has

Lauderdale House

afforded them. Feza has since been invited to take part in the Society of Women Artists’ annual exhibition later in June, which will be held at the Mall Gallery, whilst she will also feature in a BBC television program discussing her work. Lee, meanwhile, will be presenting a selection of her painting during a residency at a Muswell Hill café (Crocodile Antiques) after an acclaimed exhibit at the Finchley artsdepot. Helen has sold over 50 paintings.

In the year that marks both the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics, Feza and Helen hope visitors of their exhibition will feel the passion and love they have both developed for London. It is a city with something for everyone and their varied work is certainly a testament to this.




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