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Make That Change – Right Here, Right Now

don't put off what you can do now

Ladies & gentleman how are you doing? Keeping fit & healthy I hope.

Many of the emails I have received last month asked me to write about what’s exactly a healthy lifestyle and what are the proven advantages of following it. So let’s get straight to the point and talk about what exactly it is, what are the proven advantages of following it and try to set some goals towards achieving it (just in case you’re not there yet)

A Cambridge University study looked at over 25,000 people and it found that stopping smoking, exercising more regularly and eating healthier could increase your life expectancy 11-12 years. What do you think about this result? 11 years?! That’s awesome, don’t you think? Do you know why you haven’t heard about it before? Because it doesn’t make you buy expensive rejuvenating creams made from rare pearls from the depths of the sea, doesn’t promise you an instant change and tells you to change your habits. Very bad information commercially talking don’t you agree? But one of the biggest reasons I believe in sharing important studies like this one, made by reputable institutions, to all my clients and friends is to help keeping them motivated in making or maintaining the best lifestyle choices possible.

So what to do now if you want to use this study to get your 11 years?

don't put off what you can do nowFirst you need to set up a goal, let’s say 12 weeks ahead. I am a great believer that moving towards a goal and not away from something is one of the key secrets for achieving consistent success in life. For example I am training now for a photo shoot I am going to have on my 40th Birthday this October. I know, the big four zero this year but believe me, that goal is keeping me on track! So choose your goal and let’s go.

Now you need to recognise which area you need to improve. Choose how much you would like to improve, break it down through those 12 weeks and start the improvements now! Yes, now! Not tomorrow, not on Monday, now!

If you need any support on creating a strategy for a successful lifestyle change just send me an email and It will be a pleasure to help you!

See you all next month!

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