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Quafflingly Versatile

As much as we love to splash out on a bottle of wine from time to time, to linger over it with a sumptuous steak or some fabulous fish, sometimes we just want a wine to go [...]

And what will you be having?

Prohibition Wines selection. I read an article recently that claimed most customers don’t want a wine recommendation they want to know what the retailer would drink. I’m [...]

Just can’t get enough…

Rioja.  We in the UK love the stuff. We are Rioja’s largest export market, last year accounting for 12% of total sales – that’s around 43.7 million bottles. In case [...]

Winter of Discontent

As Muswell Hill is plunged into darkness for the fourth time this week, we local traders carp and moan about the loss of business but we are very thankful that the power has [...]

3 cheers for beer!

Austerity measures in January, and the competing demands of December trading, meant no wine column last month. Again, this month, we’re avoiding writing about wine. Instead [...]
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