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Gardening advice from local gardening businesses as featured in the North London local magazines: Muswell Flyer – Highgate Handbook – Crouch End Connection

Ask Alfie August 2014

Gardening Tips by Alfie Bines Can you suggest some evergreen ornamental grasses for a fairly sunny location. Of the properly evergreen varieties these are some of the best [...]

Ask Alife

Gardening tips by Alfie Bines Q. I’m planting my summer bedding plants and it seems a shame to have to throw them away at the end of the season. Are there varieties of [...]

Ask Alfie – May 2014

Q. Can I divide my Phormium? it’s becoming too large for its position.   A. Yes, and this is probably the best solution to deal with an increasingly dominant Phormium. [...]

Ask Alfie – April 2014

      Q. What can I plant in the damp shaded section of my garden and how can I improve the conditions? A. This is a very topical question after the prolonged [...]

Gardening Jobs to Do in April

April’s mixed weather with showers and hopefully sunshine means a variety of weather related maintenance. The heavy rain showers we have been experiencing have washed away [...]

New Garden Products for 2014

There are a lot more new products coming to the market this year than in 2013, which may be a sign of more confidence in our economy. I have selected 4 products which excite [...]
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