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Fashion trends and tips from the Muswell Flyer Local Magazine

Help TRAID Wear Poverty Out

TRAID is a charity taking practical action to stop unwanted clothes from being thrown away. We keep clothes and shoes out of landfill to improve the environment and stop [...]

“Be My Valentine”

When 14th February approaches it’s time to think about romance and dressing up for the one you love. Many people head out for a meal on Valentine’s Day, but it’s nice [...]

It’s a breeze

Breezing in this summer fashion is a mixed bag of trends. But with festival season, school fairs and street parties I’ve had the chance to smooch around to see what us [...]

Blowdry Bar

Special offer… Do you have a deserving friend you would like to treat? Book your Blowdry Bar appointment with Dayna , Mitch, Nicola or Natasha from Monday-Wednesday, [...]
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