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Reasons to be cheerful – 1, 2 TRI!

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bike and runIt’s that time of year when we start looking forward to spring and maybe about challenging ourselves and moving out of our comfort zone. Perhaps with something sporty like a triathlon?

I always find it easier to keep fit and enjoy training when I have a goal to focus on, it’s always easier to get out of bed a 5.30am and get down the pool when you know there is a race on the horizon. Triathlon is a great sport for this as the three disciplines not only keep you interested they also ensure you get an all-round workout. Triathlons usually follow the format of swim, bike and run and are of varying distances, from a sprint Triathlon, which is 400m swim, 5K run and 20K bike, up to a full Ironman distance, which is 3.8km swim, 180km bike and a marathon (42km) to finish off.

It can be an expensive sport, carbon race bikes, wetsuits, race and training gear, power meters and heart rate  monitors, some of which are essential  if you are taking things seriously and especially for the longer distance races. For the shorter races however all you need is a pair of running shoes, a road worthy bike, cycle helmet, some goggles and a smile!

My goal for this year is the Challenge Weymouth Ironman distance race in September. Having done this distance before, I have an idea what’s involved and although there is a lot of time commitment involved with training for the longer races, you can fit it in without disrupting family life too much.

Those hour long swims can be early in the morning before everyone else is up, you will be amazed how good you feel after an hour’s swim before breakfast. If there is a family outing somewhere or you going to visit the in-laws, you can cycle there whilst the rest take the car or train. Running is the easiest to find time for but probably the most difficult for me and many people because of injury potential.  To minimise injury invest in good running shoes and ensure you properly warm up/down and stretch those muscles!

If you are considering a triathlon and would like some friendly advice, do pop in and see us at Bike & Run.

For more details please contact Steve McKenzie on 020 8883 5945

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