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St Stephens House


Concept – David T Waller

Aircraft – John R Waller III

Sound – David R Harris

Stephens House & Gardens until 29th September 2018. Weekends only.

Plane Wall is a unique, collaborative and transportable art installation. It aims to harbor, provoke and express the passionate and imaginative, creative and obsessive tides which flow in all of us. Visitors are invited to: spend time; to wonder; to question; and to reflect. The myriad of shapes, designs, unexpected objects and play of shadows and patterns embrace the visual experience.   The accompanying sound-track adds its extra immersive quality.

It is literally ‘walls of planes’ which offer gentle, visible pathways to the ‘temporary’ sitting rooms and a kaleidoscopic view to the past.  Model aircraft, suspended from a specially made structure for the basement, are ingeniously intertwined with family memorabilia. They quietly occupy the environment shared with vintage furniture and mirrors, creating a private, moving and nostalgic atmosphere.

The plastic miniature replicas have been willingly donated by John in response to minimizing his surroundings. I accepted the collection trusting that our inventive, furtive and collective minds, fuelled by a familiar family adage they’ll be useful one day, would take off at some point and re-orientate their function and purpose. For me, a series of thoughts shaped the artistic concept bringing new roles to the various components. As the project changed and developed with its own highs and lows we too mirrored its progress.

The aircraft span from over 20 years of a constant, systematic assembly and finishing. The process inextricably fulfills both John’s life-long passion and interest, and methods of coping with the stresses of his obsessive compulsive disorder (O.C.D) and traits of Autism Spectrum Disorder. (A.S.D). During our early 70’s childhood, the assembly of model kits extended our innate dexterous skills, yet this is truly our first collaborative and creative project as adults.

Previously, visitors willingly shared their stories of seemingly insatiable airborne interests: the making of the models; identifying the aircraft names; designers and manufacturers; colours; country; civil or military roles; facts; figures and anecdotes of these historical flying machines. Additionally, many attuned stories from family and friends were recalled where life has been tainted, touched, or transformed by the presence and passing of winged machines.

Please feel free to share your own stories and experiences, or read the contributions from Combat Stress, who offer support for the mental health of military veterans who suffer invisible as well as physical injuries, and to whom donations will be paid.

www.davidtwaller.com  dtwaller@hotmail.com Mobile: 07890 099 432

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