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Q&A with local author Robert Breeze

Robert Breeze

Robert BreezeWhat are you reading right now?

Flim-Flam by James Randi.


How did you get into writing?

Monotonous tube journeys, a monotonous local government job, and a love for people-watching. The characters came first then started to think about how I could knit them into a story.


Who do you follow religiously on Twitter?

No one religiously, Frankie Boyle for some light relief.
Who is the most influential person in your life?

Probably a man no longer with us, George Carlin. A visionary genius.


Which book do you wish you had written?

The Bible. It’s a great science fiction novel but I’d have loved to have made the main character less of a jealous, vindictive, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, genocidal bully.


Does God exist?

Is there an invisible man in the sky? I’m 31 years old.


We’re at the bar. What are you drinking?

Either shots against my will or a vodka tonic.


Robert BreezeWho would you dread getting stuck in a lift with?

Given that I have slight phobias to utter nonsense and also tight spaces, I’d say Russell Grant would be uncomfortable company.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

A lorry driver initially, that dream’s probably still alive. Latterly I think being a vet or teacher would be incredibly rewarding jobs.
What song will you have played at your funeral?

Going Underground by The Jam or Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash.
What book are you promoting at the moment?

The first book in The Chronicles Of Hope series, ‘2082’, is out now, eBook still 96p for a limited time. It’s a series of Political Fiction books featuring Frank Noon as a revolutionary, working-class genius politician. He believes in shaping a society based around notions of science, reason, critical thought and a humanist morality.


How can we find out more about you?

Go to www.thechroniclesofhope.com and sign up to the newsletter for all the latest updates, I’ve got lots of new projects coming up. Also follow on twitter: @robertbreeze. Thanks



This Amazon bestselling book will make you question politics, religion and every facet of modern day society. Frank Noon divides opinion, whilst some say he’s a philosophical genius, some say he’s a fanciful dreamer who deliberately courts controversy with his anti-establishment views about the failings of modern society. He’s a political alternative in that he’s open, honest, has a great affinity with the working classes, and champions notions of science and reason rather than superstition and religion.

We have 5 copies to give away and all you need to do to win this great read is send in your name, address and telephone number to [email protected] by Friday 24th May 2013.

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