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Q&A with local author Tina Seskis

One Step too Far

One Step too FarWhat are you reading right now?

The Hunger Games with my son – having thought I would hate it I think it’s brilliant.


How did you get into writing?

During a particularly self-indulgent period between freelance contracts I signed up for acting classes at Jacksons Lane, yoga and writing classes at Lauderdale House, I played tennis, joined a choir, learned Italian, you get the picture.  The writing class was the absolute highlight of my week.


Who do you follow religiously on Twitter?

My friends, I find out SOOO much about them.


Who is the most influential person in your life?

My husband, for making me a nicer person than I used to be.


Which book do you wish you had written?

My third one, I’m stuck on it, or failing that The Complete Works of Shakespeare.


Does God exist?

I think there’s something that makes the world the largely miraculous place it is, don’t ask me what.


We’re at the bar. What are you drinking?

Half a lager, a tonic water or a glass of cheap white wine.


Who would you dread getting stuck in a lift with?

One of those really competitive mums.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

I had no idea, which was always a bit of a problem.
What song will you have played at your funeral?

Time to say goodbye by Andrea Bocelli (I have the funeral all planned, which my family finds weird, but I like things to be done nicely).


What book are you promoting at the moment?

Well, One Step Too Far is currently on sale in local bookshops or on Amazon – it’s currently in the Top 10 for literary fiction, but who knows where it’ll be by the time you read this!


How can we find out more about you?

Visit tinaseskis.com, or if you’re really interested just google my name…  Thanks for having me.



An apparently happy marriage.  A beautiful son.  A lovely home.  So what makes identical twin Emily Coleman get up one morning and walk right out of her life to start all over again?  How will she survive?  And what is the date that looms, threatening to force her to confront her past?  No-one has ever guessed her secret.  Will you?  “A gripping thriller that will delight fans of the unexpected twist ending.” Grazia

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T&Cs: prize cannot be exchanged for cash, one entry per person, entries received after 24th May will not be accepted

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