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For the last few years, newspapers and blogs have been talking about the great ‘Short Story Revival’. Short stories are well suited for time-strapped, mobile readers. The majority of these articles focus on Amazon singles and the best-selling collections from John Grisham and other major writers. The real short story revival, however, isn’t happening on Amazon and it’s certainly not something that will benefit the publishing establishment. The real short story revival is happening on places like ReadWave and it’s being driven by indie writers and their fans.

ReadWave (www.readwave.com) is a new platform for reading and sharing short stories online and it offers a refreshing look at the world of writing. The founder of ReadWave, Raoul Tawadey, originally worked as a reader in the publishing industry where he noticed how difficult it was for writers, even published writers, to get the readership they deserved. That’s when he had the idea to create a place where anyone can share their story with the world, in the same way that YouTube lets you share videos.

From this idea grew ReadWave, which now contains over 10,000 free stories, collectively read 150,000 times each month. Nearly all of the stories on the homepage take less than 5 minutes to read, and it’s organised by genres so it’s quick and easy to find whatever type of tale takes your fancy. Although anyone can upload a story, the strict editorial process means that readers only get to see the best and most popular stories on the site.

At the heart of ReadWave is a new mobile reading technology, which allows you to instantly open any ReadWave story on your mobile or tablet, and read it and share it with friends. Unlike iBooks you don’t have to download and install anything. You don’t have to pay for anything either. It’s an open-source way of reading and sharing stories online.

short stories for the internetA “ReadWave” can be anything; an article or a short story, fiction or non-fiction. It can be something that you’ve researched for years, or something that you made up on the spot. The ethos behind ReadWave is that everyone has a story to tell and that the world is made of stories. ReadWave is uniquely designed so that users shape their own reading experiences, based around the stories that they love to read and share.

With the increasing difficulty of making money from debut authors, the publishing industry is focusing its resources more and more on a few huge franchises, and books that are guaranteed to sell, such as celebrity biographies. As a result, indie writers are increasingly forced to go out and find their own readership. As Tim O’Reilly once said, ‘the enemy of the author is not piracy, but obscurity.’ ReadWave is dedicated to helping talented writers find their readers and build up a following. The site is also integrated with Facebook and other social networks to help writers get more exposure.

In a world of electronic stories, ReadWave is set to become big news in the industry with the potential to revolutionise the literary landscape.

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About ReadWave

ReadWave is a community of readers and writers who love to discover and share new stories from contemporary writers. Readers can access thousands of stories and read them for free on mobile or desktop. Writers can use ReadWave to build up a fanbase and market their stories online. ReadWave puts writers in touch with the readers who are just right for them.

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