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“American Pie: Reunion” stars Eugene Levy & Jennifer Coolidge interviewed by James Luxford

‘Jim’s Dad’ and ‘Stifler’s Mom’ discuss returning for more hilarity in “American Pie: Reunion”

Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge have both been on the film scene for many years, but their best known roles would be as parents of two of the lead characters in the hit “American Pie” series.  Eugene Levy, a veteran of the silver screen with over forty years’ acting experience, plays fan favourite ‘Jim’s Dad’, while Coolidge, who also starred in the “Legally Blonde” films, is the highly amorous ‘Stifler’s Mom’.

“I was actually thrilled because Eugene and I have done eight films together, but never in the same scene!” says Coolidge.  So I was thrilled to have some scenes with him in this movie finally, and I was thrilled to have something new to do (with the character).”  Levy agrees, saying “they had some really interesting ideas that moved the whole thing forward.”

The films have all been huge hits, but the universal success of the film was a surprise even to the cast. “We didn’t know what to expect on the first one, it was just a little movie” Levy recalls. “Maybe it’s just because I’m North American, but the reaction to the film overseas was amazing to me. You don’t think about it when you’re (filming), but now that we’re travelling on this junket and you see how excited people get… I think it’s fantastic!”

Finally, the films have stood the test of time, spawning a slew of risqué teen comedies over the past decade, but this has always been the benchmark.  What’s the secret of their popularity?  “A couple of weeks ago I was on a plane with the boys and Eugene, and I brought a friend who turned to me and said- ‘this is the most likeable group of people I’ve ever met’, and it’s true” Coolidge replies.  “I know there’s some dirty stuff, like in the first one where Jason has sex with a pie, but there’s something about these kids and these films that’s just so appealing.  It’s so well cast, and that’s the secret of the success, I think- characters.”

What Did James Think?

Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott and Tara Reid all return in the fourth instalment of a series that started nearly thirteen years ago!  This time the boys are grown up, and dealing with the all the aspects of adulthood (kids, jobs, marriage).  A ten year high school reunion stirs up mixed emotions in all of the guys, but will their quest for their lost youth lead them into trouble?  Crass humour abounds but at it’s heart “American Pie: Reunion” is a sweet and very funny film which will be two hours of nostalgia for anyone who grew up with the films.

3 Stars

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