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Sylvester Stallone BULLET TO THE HEAD (1st February)

Sylvester Stallone is still rolling back the years, once again busting numerous heads playing a hit man who is on the trail of the shady gangster who has murdered his partner. A very formulaic, pseudo-noir action flick, Stallone certainly still has the presence and charm to be a leading man but the script, story and some performances (including a dreadful support performance from Christian Slater) mean “Bullet To The Head” is a movie for Sly super-fans only.

2 Stars. 

Bill Murray filmHYDE PARK ON HUDSON (1st February)

Set on the eve of World War 2, this comedy-drama stars Bill Murray as President of the United States Franklyn Theodore Roosevelt, who welcomes the King and Queen of England to their country for the first time in history. The subsequent festivities become of great historical importance not only to America’s standing but in terms of their support for the forthcoming war with Germany. A sublime performance from Murray holds up what is a rather limp plot that never really feels as urgent as it should. Still, at ninety minutes the “Lost In Translation” star is more than enough to keep you entertained.

4 Stars.

film about HitchcockHITCHCOCK (8th February)

The long-awaited big screen portrayal of Alfred Hitchcock, played astonishingly well by Sir Anthony Hopkins, in a drama that chronicles the period where the great director took a huge risk to self-fund and make his most famous film, “Psycho”.  While both he and Helen Mirren (playing Hitchcock’s wife, Alma) are brilliant, the film is a very sanitised portrayal of the man (his obsession with his leading ladies, and his somewhat tyrannical presence on set are glossed over), and while the film is an engaging couple of hours you can’t help but feel this is a very forgiving portrait of an icon.

3 Stars.


Valentine’s Day may not seem like the perfect time to release the latest instalment in Bruce Willis’ action saga, but nonetheless February sees the release of the fifth movie in the “Die Hard” franchise. This time John McClane (Willis) is in Russia, trying to rescue his son Jack (Jai Courtney), now a CIA operative. Both men have to fight for their lives, however, when they become embroiled in an international terrorism plot. Expect one-liners, explosions and plenty of old-school action!

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