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Shane Meadows film

Shane Meadows filmTHE STONE ROSES: MADE OF STONE (3rd June)

“This Is England” director Shane Meadows gets every music fans’ dream when he follows his childhood idols, The Stone Roses, as they embarked on their 2012 reunion tour. Emotional, nostalgic and beautifully shot, the film may not probe in the same way you would expect (Ian Brown and Co are typically reluctant to delve too deep into the reasons why they split up in the first place), but as a capsule of what the band means to a whole generation it is a fascinating watch.

4 Stars

Paranormal Activity spoofA HAUNTED HOUSE (21st June)

A spoof of “Paranormal Activity” and similar films, this dreadful comedy stars Marlon Wayans as a new home owner who, along with his girlfriend, must rid the house of a sinister spectre that has invaded. Co-starring comedy mainstay David Koechner (“Anchorman”), the laziest of comedy clichés are on parade (toilet gags, sex humour, gay jokes) in a film that will not end soon enough for anyone with half a brain. Not in the least bit funny, and not at all original.

1 Star

Dwayne Johnson filmSNITCH (21st June)

Continuing his run of success in 2013 that has so far included the box office smashes “GI Joe: Retaliation” and “Fast & Furious 6”, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars in a drama-thriller, about a blue collar worker (Johnson) who must go undercover as a ‘snitch’ and infiltrate a crime syndicate in order to help his son, who is facing prison for a crime he did not commit. Supposedly based on a true story, the action and violence are turned up to the maximum, making the legitimacy of events hard to swallow. Still, Johnson is as ever a likeable lead, and makes the movie an engaging, if not gripping, prospect.

3 Stars

Al Pacino filmSTAND UP GUYS (28th June)

Screen legends Al Pacino, Alan Arkin and Christopher Walken star as elderly criminals who go on a night out to celebrate one of them (Pacino) being released from prison. The problem is, old habits die hard, and soon the threesome are in as much trouble as in their heyday. All three men are, at this point, money in the bank when it comes to on screen presence, and seeing them all together is a real pleasure. It’s a shame, then, that the script and story are so dull and predictable. These three icons deserved better.

2 Stars

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