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Monsters Inc prequel

Wedding Crashers starsTHE INTERNSHIP (3rd July)

Two ageing salesmen (Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson) enter an internship at Google, only for the internet novices to find themselves competing for a job with several tech-savvy youngsters. Dry and unappealing, Vaughan and Wilson are likeable enough but the story is quite tired and the jokes never really make you laugh as much as you would want them too. Whilst certainly a reunion for the “Wedding Crashers” stars was needed, it could have benefited ten-fold from a more cohesive and interesting storyline.

2 Stars

Ocean's 11 style filmNOW YOU SEE ME (3rd July)

“The Social Network” star Jesse Eisenberg plays a magician who leads a group of fellow illusionists (including Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco) in elaborate heists, whilst being pursued by the FBI and police. An interesting premise dissolves into a very “Ocean’s 11”-ish caper, which falls into very familiar paths and becomes more tedious than tantalising. Small appearances from Morgan Freeman and Sir Michael Caine only further the notion that this film should have been better.

2 Stars.

fashion filmTHE BLING RING (5th July)

Sophia Coppola (“Lost In Translation”) directs former Hogwarts student Emma Watson in this drama based on the true story of ‘The Bling Ring’, a group of fashion and celebrity-obsessed LA teens who simply walk into the unlocked houses of celebrities and steal their expensive possessions. While not as gripping or emotionally powerful as her earlier work, Coppola does create a conversation about the fascination with celebrity, and the stupidity of youth. Watson doesn’t do herself any harm either, with a hilarious performance that couldn’t be further from her wizard persona.

4 Stars.

Monsters Inc prequelMONSTER’S UNIVERSITY (12th July)

A prequel to the 2004 classic Pixar movie, focusing on Mike and Sully (the voices of Billy Crystal and John Goodman) during their days trying to make it in the prestigious Monsters University, despite pressure from the harsh head of the university, Dean Hardscrabble (Dame Helen Mirren). It never truly scales the heights of the first film, due to the fact that the element of risk is taken from the story (i.e. we know where our heroes end up), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a well-made, at times beautiful, and always entertaining movie. Probably the best family film of the summer.

4 Stars.

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