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End Credits! I’m afraid this is my final film column, thanks so very much to everyone who has read the reviews over the last six years, and keep an eye out for some exciting new film content coming soon.

WHITE HOUSE DOWN (6th September)Channing Tatum film

“GI Joe” star Channing Tatum must save the President (Jamie Foxx- “Django Unchained”) in this new film where the White House is under siege from terrorists. A fairly terrible movie only slightly buoyed by the likeable stars who have a good rapport, but that’s about the only thing positive to say about the film. Aside from the fact that it is very much like “Olympus Has Fallen”, the script and story are rather hackneyed and the whole film as a whole is rather forgettable and bland.
2 Stars
Niki LaudaRUSH (13th September)

Ron Howard’s drama about the fabled 1970’s rivalry between Britain’s playboy racer James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and the calculating Austrian driver Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl), a rivalry that would define both their careers and change one of their lives forever. While the characters are somewhat difficult to warm to (one is a party animal with little in the way of depth, the other driven and talented but cold hearted), there’s no denying this is a fascinating story about the will to win and the price some people will pay to be the best.
4 Stars.
Halle BerryTHE CALL (20th September)

Oscar winning actress Halle Berry (“X-Men”, “Catwoman”) plays a 911 call operator that receives a distressed call from a young woman (Abigail Breslin- “Little Miss Sunshine”) who has been abducted. She soon realises she is the only thing that can save this terrified victim. A promising start soon dissolves into a quite messy thriller, which relies upon the talents of its cast (led by an admittedly solid Berry) to lift an improbable second half. A wasted opportunity considering the novel premise.
2 Stars
Rest in Peace DepartmentR.I.P.D (20th September)

A recently deceased cop (Ryan Reynolds) is recruited into the ‘R.I.P.D.’, a celestial police force who must protect the living from spirits unwilling to go to the other side. Jeff Bridges, playing Reynolds’ partner, is absolutely superb, but the rest is sadly a formulaic, “Men In Black Lite” blockbuster that doesn’t have enough depth, laughter or action to grab your attention, especially in what has been a summer packed with high concept action-comedies.
2 Stars

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