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Cinema Paradiso by James Luxford

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Cinema ParadisoTHAT’S MY BOY (7th September)

Another knock-around Adam Sandler comedy, this time with the comedy star playing Donny, the reckless, somewhat negligent father to Todd (Adam Samberg), whom he has not seen for years. On the eve of Todd’s wedding, Donny turns up looking to bury the hatchet, but years of bad parenting come back to haunt him as he tries to make amends. Simply awful, the only surprising thing about this repeated Sandler shtick is that he convinces normally fine actors (Susan Sarandon, James Caan) to make appearances. Avoid.

1 Star

CInema ParadisoLAWLESS (7th September)

“Transformers” star Shia Labeouf and “The Dark Knight Rises” actor Tom Hardy star in this prohibition-era drama as bootlegging brothers whom fall foul of a sadistic government agent (Guy Pearce) who tightens his grip, sparking an inevitable war between the two parties. Action-packed and violent, this ultra-macho crime thriller may have a familiar storyline but provides strong performances, particularly from Pearce as the terrifying villain, and a slick, retro feel from director John Hillcoat. If you loved movies such as “The Untouchables” or “Last Man Standing”, then you’ll love this.

4 stars

Cinema ParadisoTHE SWEENEY (12th September)

“The Football Factory” director Nick Love brings British TV series “The Sweeney” to the big screen, with Ray Winstone and rapper ‘Plan B’ replacing John Thaw and Dennis Waterman as Detectives Regan and Carter, maverick cops and members of the notorious ‘flying squad’ who are out for revenge when a drug lord sets them up. The constant cockney banter is a bit tiring, and Winstone does look a bit old for all the rough-n-tumble (not to mention a very awkward sex scene), but nonetheless Love delivers a polished thriller that very easily could have come from a Hollywood studio.

3 Stars

Cinema ParadisoHOPE SPRINGS (14th September)

Veteran actors Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones star in a romantic comedy for the older generation. The pair play an older, married couple that seek out the help of an unorthodox sex therapist (Steve Carell) to put the spice back into their love life. However, personal hang-ups and past secrets mean repairing the damage is harder than first thought. A small movie that may not offer the big bangs or gasps of big studio cinema, but does offer a realistic, enlightening look at relationships and love, and features two incredible performances from Streep and Jones.

4 Stars.

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