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DVD Review : YESTERDAY – 3 stars (out 4th Nov)

Man and Woman singing in recording studio

Credit: Universal

Yesterday features the dream team pairing of writer Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle. The plot involves a strange electrical blackout that engulfs the world for a few moments. When it ends, it seems that amateur singer/songwriter Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is the only person who knows who The Beatles are. After frantically searching the internet to no avail, it seems that Jack has a free pass to record all of The Beatles back-catalogue as if it they were his own. His life-long friend, manager (and secret admirer from afar) Ellie (Lily James) sees Jack slowly turn into the biggest music act in the world, but can Jack keep the charade going? Yesterday is an undeniably enjoyable piece of escapist fun, but there’s something lacking here that denies it a full win. Fun but forgettable. 

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