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Film review: BOY ERASED

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Joel Edgerton directs, scripts and co-stars in this affecting tale adapted from Garrard Conley’s memoir. Lucas Hedges plays Jared, the teenage son of local preacher Marshall Eamons (Russell Crowe) and his wife Nancy (Nicole Kidman). When he admits to his parents that he has thoughts about other men, Jared agrees to attend a church-funded anti- gay conversion camp. Under the rule of Victor Sykes (Edgerton), Jared is subjected to increasing bouts of spiritual ‘therapy’ to cure him, and soon realises that the counsellors are far more dangerous than he could have ever expected. The film touches on some important issues and the subject matter is handled superbly by everyone attached – especially the fantastic ensemble. It’s a shame that the film only scratches the surface though, because a more interesting narrative was waiting to be delved deeper into.

Jason Palmer
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