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This well-intentioned British comedy-drama has a lot going for it, as two young half-brothers face an uncertain future after their Grandmother passes away. Omar (Antonio Aakeel) is made to feel unwelcome in his new placement and with the help of his brother Pete (Trollied’s Jack Carroll), begins an epic journey to locate his birth father. Aakeel and Carroll have great chemistry, Sarah Hoare is brilliant as a local lass who helps the guys out, and Johnny Vegas pops up as a creepy but funny innkeeper. The selling point though is Asim Chaudhry (aka Chabuddy G) who brings his trademark style of comedy to the table. The finale loses its way a bit, but there’s enough here to deliver an entertaining ride that will conjure up some genuine chuckles. And it’s shot beautifully too, which made for a very pleasant and welcome surprise.

Jason Palmer
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