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Film Review: Godzilla: King of The Monsters – 2 stars

Film review

As great as Godzilla looks (and make no mistake, he looks amazing onscreen), it all gets lost in a film with no clear purpose or direction. The story is all over the shop and makes very little sense. Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga), estranged from her husband Mark (Kyle Chandler), is still suffering from the loss of their son during the attacks of 2014 (the events of the first Godzilla movie). Dragging her teenage daughter Madison (Millie Bobby Brown) along with her, Emma teams up with an eco-terrorist group led by Colonel Alan Jonah (Charles Dance). He has his own plans to resurrect the Titans living under the Earth in an epic battle for them to reclaim the world. Monarch, the crypto-zoological agency who harbours their own secretive agenda, thinks that the only way to stop them is to unleash Godzilla to fight for mankind. A glaring missed opportunity here that frustrates far more than it entertains.

Jason Palmer
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