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Film Review: Life Itself

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Life Itself – or ‘How Not To Cross A Road: The Movie’ is a mixed bag of big ideas that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Dan Fogleman, the creator of the award-winning This Is Us, writes and directs inter-connecting stories that span generations and that collide through a shared tragedy. The plot initially involves a young couple living in New York (Olivia Wilde and Oscar Isaac) as we follow their story from college romance through to marriage and the birth of their child. Elsewhere, a wealthy landowner named Mr. Saccione (Antonio Banderas) gets to know one of his best workers on his olive grove – Javier (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and his wife Isabel (Laia Costa). I can’t really go into much more detail as it will give away too many spoilers, but their stories connect as love, life, loss and hope all come into play for a romantic drama that has big ambitions but ultimately loses its way.

Jason Palmer
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