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Film Review: Pokemon Detective Pikachu – 3 stars

Film review

It’s safe to say Pokémon fans will get the most from watching this movie, but there’s no doubt Detective Pikachu is one of the better game-to-screen adaptations to come our way. It looks gorgeous, there’s plenty of comedy that plays well to the young and the young at heart, and it has an ensemble that collectively pulls together to make a family adventure that holds lots of entertaining moments. We join Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) who comes to the sprawling metropolis of Rhyme City to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his Father after a road accident. He comes across a talking Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds), whom he can understand perfectly. This is a rare thing, so Detective Pikachu and Tim reluctantly team-up. In the process, they uncover a nefarious conspiracy that could threaten the entire Pokémon world.

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