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Film Review: Second Act– 3 stars

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Jennifer Lopez returns to the world of rom-coms for this well-intentioned (but predictable) fare. Maya (Lopez) is a 40-something worker at a supermarket who gets passed over for a job promotion which she was perfect for. After overhearing her woes, her godson (Dalton Harrod) creates a fake CV which gets Maya an interview for a consultancy job at a prestigious cosmetic firm. She nails the interview and gets the job after impressing her new boss (Treat Williams), and soon begins a new project in which she knocks heads with a young executive (Vanessa Hudgens). The story is sweet and life-affirming and the narrative takes a more emotional turn towards the end. Milo Ventimiglia and Leah Remini lend superb support too. It’s worth seeing the film purely for a ridiculous London scene too, in which Vanessa Hudgens is sitting in a pub in Earls Court, only to see Big Ben from the window. Don’t you just love how small our American cousins think London is!

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