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Film Review: The Curse of La Llorona – 3/5

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The Conjuring universe of films have managed to scare the global box-office into some big numbers, so it’s inevitable that the franchise looks to branch out and keep the freight-train moving. This story updates the tale of the Weeping Woman and brings it to 80s America, as community case-worker Anna Tate-Garcia (the brilliant Linda Cardellini) investigates a woman who has been keeping her kids under lock and key. When the kids are ‘rescued’, a ghostly force know as La Llorona pursues them, and soon sets her deathly sights on Anna’s own children too. This is full of loud-bang scares which are a shame because it could have been really creepy. Instead, it’s just by the numbers jumps. Cardellini gives the film an extra star, and there’s adequate support from the likes of Sean Patrick Thomas and Tony Amendola.

Jason Palmer
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