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In 1988, American Senator Gary Hart was the golden boy of US politics and was in the middle of a very successful presidential campaign. But towards the end, it got sensationally derailed after Hart was caught up in a scandal. Hugh Jackman is fantastic as Gary Hart and gives the film solid ground to build upon. Vera Farmiga, Alfred Molina and J.K. Simmons lend good support and the film keeps you on your toes with a fast-paced narrative, however it fails to really show us why Hart was such a hopeful candidate in the first place. Some back-story to this would have really helped draw the audience in. But what I took away most from the film was just how dire and depressing the current US (and UK) political climate is. As scandals go, we’d gladly take this one over the rubbish Trump pulls every week. The Front Runner is an interesting snapshot into the political machine and the role of the free press, and how even a sure-thing can ultimately fall at the last hurdle.

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