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Interview: “Wreck-It Ralph” Star Sarah Silverman

Disney Film

Disney FilmThe comedy actress talks animation, improvisation and overcoming her fears…

Making her name in the late 90’s as a stand up, Sarah Silverman takes a whole different route as a voice actor in the new animated family film “Wreck-It Ralph”, out on DVD this month. She plays Vanellope, feisty sidekick to ‘Wreck-It Ralph’, an arcade video game character whom longs to be a hero.

Sarah Silverman as VanellopeShe teams up with John C Reilly, who voices Ralph in the film, and is known for his improvisation. “We would do the lines as scripted and then we would go off and improvise off of them and take left turns and have wild digressions and bits of those probably made it on there” she recalls, “(but) The script was perfectly written. Rich (Moore, director) was so supportive.”

disney filmA Disney animated movie may seem like an unusual choice for a comedienne who has become famous for her off-colour humour, but as Silverman explains, it’s a dream she would have never thought possible. “I grew up with Disney movies, I love Disney movies but I never imagined that I’d get to be a part of one” she says, adding that the choice may not be as unusual as you might think “It seems like an odd fit at first, maybe to the naked eye. But the dirtiest comic when I was growing up was Eddie Murphy and he plays the Donkey in ‘Shrek’!”

Sarah Silverman filmFinally, her character learns to overcome her ‘glitch’ in order to save the day- is there anything that Silverman herself would consider her ‘glitch? “I think that the best comparison of a glitch in my life was that I was a bed wetter” she reveals. “I wet the bed until I was in my teens. And I thought it would be my biggest shame, like my most embarrassing thing. I never thought I would be sitting in front of the media talking about it! But here I am proudly and without any shame telling you that that was my glitch and now I’ve turned it into my super-power because it made doing stand-up not at all scary because I thought ‘what’s the worst that’s going to happen’? People are going to boo me off the stage? I spent eight weeks at camp peeing my cot every night and making the bed over it. It made me brave.”

“Wreck-It Ralph” is out on DVD 3rd June

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