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James Luxford interviews Charlize Theron

After two years away from Hollywood, Charlize Theron made a big comeback this year with two very different movies- dark comedy “Young Adult”, and this month’s action fantasy movie “Snow White and The Huntsman”.  Obviously based on the fairy tale, Theron plays the wicked stepmother role opposite Kristen Stewart’s Snow White and Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman.

“You know, this is one of those showy characters where every scene could go so many different ways in reality and we did try that” she explains about tackling such a large-scale and well known character. “He (director Rupert Sanders) went into the editing room and he found the beast of the character and figured out what worked and what didn’t work.”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Theron, but her sudden influx of performances (she’s also in this month’s blockbuster “Prometheus”) had left her torn because she has recently become a mother. “I’m about to go and do a re-imagination of Mad Max and I thought to myself ‘Oh, I’m probably not going to want to go and make this movie;” she recalls, referring to her adopted son Jackson. “When I heard that my son was coming into my life, and that all I would want to do was mope around in my pyjamas and roll around with him on the carpet, and we did that for a couple of months and it was great – but the crazy thing that happened that I wasn’t expecting, was that it made me feel really creative. I started developing like crazy and started selling movies and developing more with my production company, and now the more I think about going away in June and shooting this, I’m really excited about it. I feel that this little innocent baby is making me more curious about the human condition.”

Finally, she has become a regular Londoner, having shot this film at Pinewood studios, how is she enjoying the city? “I actually lived here last year, I did two films back to back, and I just really liked it” she replies. “It was nice. Except for the part that you don’t really get to shoot in the city – you’re driving an hour into Pinewood studios every day. It’s so glamorous!”


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