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Copper Brown Recording Studio – Making music accessible on the high street

Copper Brown

Copper Brown, set up in 2016 by North Finchley musician Luke, is a recording studio that offers recording services and writing space for artists, visible on the high street as part of the local community. The studio itself provides an atmosphere of warmth, offering fantastic open spaces filled with natural light and wheelchair accessible workspace. One of the key aims at the heart of the studio is being able to engage with the local community while encouraging music to become more accessible.

On the note of music and accessibility, the Nether Street Music project, created in 2017 at Copper Brown, is a creative hub that was established to offer access, help and support to more vulnerable individuals, encouraging artistic development among an array of members of the community. Put well by Pamela from CB, “it is our aim to combat exclusion, isolation and to help to celebrate unique creative voices by giving them the space and time.”

The project itself is led by professional musicians who have been able to support clients with varying needs, Pamela sharing with me the fact that “All of us have personal commitments to grassroots community participation”, which I believe to be shown through all the fantastic work that goes on at Copper Brown.

Pamela also shared that Copper Brown aim to support and extend on their work, while also reaching out to local groups that are related to their vision of offering safe and supported workspaces, explaining to me her message that “Music is understood by everybody, regardless of ability, age and background”.

If you are interested in using the recording services or getting involved in the Nether Street Music project, whether you want to find out more about booking a studio for yourself or perhaps a writing room, feel free to get in contact with pamela@copperbrown.co.uk or luke@copperbrown.co.uk

By Molly O’Callaghan

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9 Nether Street,
Tally Ho Corner,
North Finchley,
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3874 0044

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