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Demystifying Classical Music

Your personal journey into the world of music

The world of classical music can appear daunting and intimidating if you don’t know anything about it. There are sonatas and concertos, symphonies and operas, together with chamber music, choral music and theatre music. Let’s not forget baroque, classical, romantic, modern-classical and great film music too. And then there are hundreds of composers to choose from.

So, if ever you’ve wondered about the mysteries of music and asked yourself questions such as:

  • What should I to listen to first?
  • What to listen to next?
  • What am I listening for?

Then Classical One To One can help you on your own personal journey through music with its bespoke music-appreciation sessions.

Classical One to One is the brainchild of Philip Hyman whose love of music HAS resulted in a lifetime of listening, researching, writing, collecting recordings, and giving talks about music. HE ALSO SPENT 30 YEARS working for BBC Radio 3. Using his insight and knowledge Philip’s emphasis is on how to listen, and covers everything from where to start, to the lives of the composers and the historical context of their work.

Philip’s aim is to make music accessible and to help you enjoy it. So whether you are a mystified beginner, or seeking to increase your listening experience, Classical One To One will help develop, nurture and enhance your own special understanding, love and knowledge in a straightforward, non-technical way.

For more information:

Visit: www.classical121.co.uk

Call Philip on 020 8368 7555

Email [email protected]

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