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Music Connection Interview with Minx

Mark Anthony

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read the latest edition of ‘The Music Connection’.

For this edition, I interviewed the rapper ‘Minx’, who is currently making waves in the music industry and hails from Crouch End.

Q. So Minx, how did you first get into the music industry?

I have always been an entertainer, since a young age. I came from a theatrical family (my dad is the actor Adrian Dunbar) and I studied drama at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. I always had a passion for writing poetry and hiphop and when I moved in with a music producer and a DJ, they encouraged me to morph those two loves into one.

Q. What do you think are your biggest achievements within the music industry so far?

I feel a great sense of achievement whenever I write, I love to write! But there have been some very special moments for me within my career so far. The rapper Big daddy Kane heard me rapping outside from the green room at the Jazz Cafe Music Venue, and half way through his set, he bought me on stage to go back to back with him. DREAMY!!! I have done some amazing gigs too. I hosted a float for Gay Pride in New York City, which had an unbelievable vibe, and with that city as a backdrop, UH!! I’m proud of all of my collaborative work also, everyone I have worked with to date, are very skilled and exciting to be around, especially the people I worked with on my single ‘Meaty’, which is available to download now on i-Tunes.

Q. What projects are you up to at the moment?

I have a huge artillery of work, which I am about to start unleashing upon the world, which is very exciting. I have some great visuals too. Right now I am working on a track with NYC native Mic Handz, which is about being in love with two cities, which is how we both feel, travelling frequently between London and NYC. I’m a serial city cheater.

Q. Where can people check out your current projects?

You can find me on Twitter @minx4music, Instagram at minx4music, Soundcloud at minx4music, You Tube at minx4music, as well as my official website at www.minx4music.com.

Q. What do you think the future holds in store for Minx?

I think the future is Minxy……

Q. What one piece of advice would you give to someone trying to make it within the music industry?

Have Balls of Steel.

Q. Favourite music artists?

MF Doom, Bahamadia, AZ, Vicky D, Fonda Rae (I Love Disco hahahaha), Fleetwood Mac, Lost Boyz, Roy Ayres, Donald Bird, Cocoa Tea, Eek a Mouse, Prefab Sprout…….don’t get me started.

Q. What do you like getting up to on your days off from music?

I love hanging out with my dog, having baths……endless baths, watching Eastenders and Cartoons, going to the gym, eating, watching Live Hip-Hop, Jazz Funk, Soul & Reggae.

Q. What are your links with Crouch End?

I grew up there!! I also worked in The Alex Pub, when it used to be called The Villiers Terrace.

Q. Final words to the people of North London?


Thanks again for reading this month’s edition, catch you all soon.

Mark Anthony’s official website can be found at www.markanthonymusic.net


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