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Music Connection Interview with Two


Hi all and thank you for taking the time to read the latest edition of The Music Connection’.

For this edition, I interviewed the North London based band Two, who are a song writing duo comprised of Alfie Jackson (ex-frontman of The Holloways) and Gemma Rogers, who mix dark folk with shadowy lyrics.

Q. High Alfie and Gemma, so what are Two up to at the moment?

Writing and recording the rest of our debut EP, as well as getting the video finished for the second single ‘Broken‘, which is out on March 1st 2019.

Q. Where can people check out your current projects? Any forthcoming gigs?

We’ve actually just kicked off a tour, which is being backed by Joe Strummer Foundation. Check them out, they’re a brilliant supportive team of people.

We’re also working with the Mind charity, as we’re keen to talk about the importance of having support where mental health is concerned. You only need to look at the statistics of suicide in this city alone to see that charities like Mind are vital! Also keep an eye on our website , which has all of the most up to date info.

Q. What do you think the future holds in store for Two

Many wonderful things, I hope. We both wholeheartedly believe in this project. I’d like to hear one of our songs in a film too. In fact, get in touch if you have a film that needs a title track. We’d be very happy to write something for it.

Q. What one piece of advice would you both give to someone trying to make it within the music industry?

Gemma – Keep going because you love it and not for what it might bring you. It’s an art form to be respected.

Alfie – Work hard, be nice, be true, ask a lot of questions and be wary of accountants, lawyers and managers with your money.

Q. Who are your favourite music artists?

Gemma – The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Ian Dury, Ian Brown, all the Ians. You don’t hear that name much anymore do you?!

Alfie – Simon and Garfunkel, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Beatles, Bowie, Queen, Smashing Pumpkins, Supergrass, The Strokes and Blur

Q. What do you both like getting up to on your days off from music?

Gemma – I like the Southbank very much. I find it nourishing, so I go there whenever I can. I run quite a bit too, so will often get a little 10k in if I can.

Alfie – There aren’t really days off for me, I guess hobbies are reading, shouting at Leeds United and playing tennis.

Q. What are your links with Crouch End?

Gemma – I used to frequent Banners for brunch and I visit the Lido a lot during the summer months.

Alfie – I used to live in the area from 2005-2016.  I still visit and stay in the area a lot.

Q. Final words to the people of North London?

Gemma- I like you the best.

Alfie – North London is one the finest places. Full of great musicians. It’s time for us to be heard again.

Thanks again for reading this month’s edition, catch you all soon.

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