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Need a vocal coach in North London? Listen to this

vocal coach

Vocal Coach

I’m not one to boast (usually) and certainly not via social media. But I would like to big up my son’s vocal coach, Jonny Moses-Son for the outstanding work he has done with him.


Under Jonny’s guidance, Archie has progressed from a child who would only sing if unnoticed to one who will now perform in front of a room full of strangers with no reservations, including a recent performance in front of 300+ at Midsummer Muswell event.

In addition to culturing Archie’s natural talent, Jonny has dealt superbly with Archie’s special needs as an Asperger’s child. Jonny has given Archie confidence in his abilities, a trait that he badly lacked, and that confidence is now showing in other areas of Archie’s life.

Click on play above and take a listen – I hope you like it 🙂

If you’d like to get in touch with Jonny, here are his details

Jonny Moses-Son Jonny Moses-Son Vocal Coach and Singer

07966 085 583

[email protected]


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