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Eva Eva, 2015. Photo by Tina Korhonen

Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read the latest edition of ‘The Music Connection’. For this edition, I interviewed a singer from North London, who has been very active for a number of years on the UK music scene, it’s Eva.

So Eva, how did you first get into writing & performing music?

Music is something I have done naturally from a very young age. A proper clique with the hair brush in front of the mirror, standing on the coffee table & singing to my make believe audience.

I had piano lessons from the age of 7 and around the age of around 16, I began singing with my mate who had a four track porter studio set up and he played piano well. We started recording covers and got a few gigs playing at the church caberet! From that, I got my first weekly residency at ‘The Greedy Grape‘ in East Barnet, run by Jo Collins, Co founder of the Chicken Shed Theatre. After that, I joined my first band ‘A Girl called James‘, bought an acoustic guitar and started writing songs for real.

What do you think are your biggest achievements within the music industry so far?

My biggest achievements are yet to come, but highlights so far would be recording 6 studio albums, tour support to the late great John Martyn on his last ever UK tour, sell-out gigs at numerous venues and creating the company Eva Music Media.

What projects are you up to at the moment?

I am working with the band on a new album. In the past, all the songs have been mine, plus a cover or two, but this time, the bulk of the material will be written as a band. We’ve already got 4 to 5 songs which are shaping up nicely, so we are feeling inspired. I’ve also got the seed of a solo album planted, which I gently water daily. I’m also learning to play drums with the drummer in my band, Rami.

Where can people check out your current projects?Any forthcoming gigs?


What do you think the future holds in store for Eva ?

World domination finally!

What one piece of advice would you give to someone trying to make it within the music industry?

You cannot be something you’re not, never be afraid to make mistakes and ask questions, always be proud of who you are always and only you know ultimately what is right for you, even if you don’t fully know what that is. Well that’s four things!

Favourite music artists?

Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Simon & Garfunkel, Lisa Gerrard, Nina Simone, Carol Thompson, Marie Pierre, Janet Kay, Barbara Streisand, Danny Kaye, John Barry, Ramsey Lewis, Fleetwood Mac, John Martyn, Sandy Denny…now I’ve started I can’t stop!

What are your links with Crouch End & Muswell Hill?

I was born in Coniston Road in Muswell Hill and lived a great deal of my life around the area. I did my first ever band gig downstairs at ‘The Kings Head’ in Crouch End. And my first ever gig in fact, was at ‘Our Lady of Muswell‘ Church Cabaret!!

Final words to the people of North London?

Keep supporting your local gigs and community!

Twitter: @EvaAbraham

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