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Q&A with Gabby Young

Gabby Young

What are you listening to right now?

Right this very moment our bass player, Ollie is recording on a new song of mine called French Ditty- we are currently recording our third album so its consumed me for a while but other than that I am loving Kimbra, Pink Martini and Janelle Monae a lot right now!
How did you get into music?

From as early as I can remember I wanted to be a singer – I annoyed everyone by constantly singing but I’m kind of pleased I never took my family’s advice to ‘shut the hell up!’ I do feel like I was born to do this and nothing was going to stop me!


Who do you follow religiously on Twitter?

I love Stephen Fry’s tweets- he’s so real and open online and it makes for a interesting glimpse into his life. Also Imogen Heap and Amanda Palmer are always doing amazing things that I like to follow- there are inspirational things happening all the time and twitter is a perfect way to keep in touch with it all.
Gabby YoungWhat have you been reading lately?

Gardening books! I’m trying to get a chance to finish Monty Don’s Ivington Diaries which is all about how him and his wife bought a derelict house with a 2 acre field that they turned into a dream house and garden- I love stuff like that. DIY and gardening are massive passions of mine!
Who is the most influential person in your life?

Ooh that’s a tough one as I find so many of my family, friends, artists, strangers inspiring but both my mum and dad are amazing people and I am so lucky to have them with me in everything I do.
Which song do you wish you had written?

So many!! 1234 by Feist is the one that everytime I hear I wish I wrote- it makes me feel SO good!
Does God exist?

I honestly don’t know but I do find myself praying when something is really terrifying to me, just in case! I also find religion fascinating and scary at the same time.
Gabby Young singerWe’re at the bar. What are you drinking?

Diet coke – I’m allergic to alcohol so this was never going to an interesting answer, sorry! 😉
Who would you dread getting stuck in a lift with?

There are 2 people in my life that that would be my worst nightmare but actually I think you can sort out a lot of problems when forced to speak to people you don’t want to- I’m not good at confrontation so it would be probably be a good idea for me!
What did you want to be when you grew up?

Oops, I already answered that… I did want to a nurse at one point when I was very young and then I saw blood and cried for hours about not wanting to be a nurse – I think I thought you don’t get to change your mind and was stuck with my decision!! Kids, eh!
What song will you have played at your funeral?

Grace – Jeff Buckley, the moment I heard that song I told everyone to remember I wanted it for my funeral – so dark, passionate and intense! But then at the end I want “Get Happy” by Judy Garland to bring up the mood.


What gigs, songs or albums are you promoting at the moment?

Well we are constantly on tour so in between doing our 3rd album we are also off to Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland and Ireland on tour for the next few months then a big UK tour end of Oct/beginning of November that we’re really excited about as we haven’t properly toured here in a very long time!


How can we find out more about you?

Our website is www.gabbyyoungandotheranimals.com and we’re on www.facebook.com/gabbyyoungandotheranimals , www.twitter.com/gabbyyoung and our blog is www.gabbyyoungandotheranimals.tumblr.com



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