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“Reckless Caution” – Album by Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony Reckless Caution

“Reckless Caution” is the debut album by the UK songwriter & vocalist Mark Anthony, which is set to be released on Monday, 31st October 2016.

The origins of the album began when in September 2014, when Mark’s former music group “The Meds Collective” began an indefinite hiatus from writing, recording & performing together as a music group.

In October 2014; Mark met the music producer & Echobelly’s bass guitarist Oliver Radio, and Oliver subsequently offered to produce some tracks for Mark, at Oliver’s recording studio in London, “Attic Studios”.

In November 2014; Mark & Oliver then embarked on a series of secret recording sessions, where Mark would write the songs and Oliver would compose and play the instruments live in the studio, with Mark also contributing with some bass guitar work.

These recording sessions continued sporadically until October 2015; by which time, Mark and Oliver had written & recorded a number of tracks.

Towards the end of these sessions, the saxophonist Jake Telford and backing singer Heidi J were brought into “Attic Studios”, to contribute to some of the recorded tracks, which then saw the completion of the recording project, by the end of October 2015.

After reviewing the recorded material, on 14th November 2015; Mark announced that his debut single “An 80’s Vibe”, would be released on 21st December 2015.

Mark also subsequently released the singles “London City” on March 21st 2016, and “I Still Miss You” on 20th June 2016.

Music videos for these three singles were also uploaded, and the singles led to Mark going on an extensive radio promotion tour, in and around the UK.

In June 2016; Mark & Oliver returned to “Attic Studios” to revisit the material which had been previously been recorded between November 2014 & October 2015; and on 13th August 2016; Mark announced that his debut album “Reckless Caution”, would be released on 31st October 2016.

The track listing of the album is:

  1. Atmospheric
  2. An 80’s Vibe
  3. Carnival
  4. Ska Train
  5. I Still Miss You
  6. Night Cruising
  7. London City
  8. Classik Rap
  9. Road Trip
  10. Festival
  11. Welcome
  12. Brownswood Road
  13. Thank You

The artwork for the album was completed by the artist Eniko Toth.

Mark describes the album as being very autobiographical, with a number of songs making references to his life experiences of growing up in London.

The album combines a number of different genres of music, including Rap, Electro. Pop, Hip-Hop, Funk. Ska, Indie, Acoustic, Soul & Rock.

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