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Ooberfuse single review


Taken from the brand new album from Frankie Goes to Hollywood guitarist Brian ‘Nasher’ Nash and get ready to expect the unexpected. This is a million miles from the confrontational pop he helped create in the 80’s. A heady summer mix of shimmering guitars with an almost early Bowie style of vocal. The beauty lies in the track’s simplicity but the result is breathtaking. Relax, Nasher is on top form.

GRAHAM J – Both Sides Now

A smooth as silk vocal performance of this classic track from Irishman Graham J. The understated music in the background help highlight the true power of Graham’s voice that you can imagine taking centre stage in the West End. For fans of Alfie Boe and Michael Ball, Graham has equal quality to these two household names.



Imagine sat on a US mid west river side with the sun on your face. Now what music shall we have to keep the mood? When We Love please. Sam Gleaves has been making in roads into the UK folk scene with supporters such as Mike Harding. On this single he teams up with Tyler Hamilton to deliver beautiful harmonies as well as a message that we could all learn to live by. Take note Donald.


RIVITA – While the Love is Gone

The 3rd single from Rivita and wow. Just wow. The lo-fi mixes with soaring keys to make this a sonic treasure trove. Never standing still the music is like watching a city from on high, constantly flitting pace and direction and while that may sound jumbled…it’s not and the reason for that is Rivita’s vocal that also moves in tone and delivery. Truly an east meets west collaboration and I look forward to the album.


TEX PISTOLS – There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Show Swears he’s Elvis

A 2017 remake of a classic and all in aid of Prostate Cancer awareness. Original co-writer Philip Rambow fronts the zany six piece and they create a true pub singalong classic. You can imagine the band having the full pubs attention while onlookers grab each other and dance just for the hell of it. Guaranteed to get you moving, these guys play London in the summer and I imagine live they are something else.



The brand new single from the uber cool Ooberfuse. This is pop of the finest order. Thoughtful vocals and sophisticated keys create a music vista of colour and confidence, this is a duo who have delivered supreme pop songs for years now. Taken from the album The Odd Ones, they comprise of Hal St John and Cherrie Anderson. This band seriously need to be our Eurovision entry in 2018 and bring us that title home.


PAUL MENEL & THE ESSENTIALS – Hey Did You Hear About Paul

Former IQ front man Paul Menel delivers a tale of break up and working life. The gritty lyrics are delivered in true pop pomp though. This mixes the best elements of 80’s acts such as Ultravox and Simple Minds and the sound is a big as those acts. Taken from the album Spare Parts for a Broken Heart and it could be an album that see’s Menel on mainstream radio.


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