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Trampolene performing

Helloooooooo London and welcome to this month’s edition of ‘The Music Connection’.

The month, I had the great pleasure of interviewing singer and guitarist Jack Jones, from one of the newest rising bands on the music scene, ‘Trampolene’. Formed in Swansea, the band are now based in London and have already accrued fans ranging from Carl Barat and Nick Hodgson (Kaiser Chiefs) to Ray Davies, Adam Ant and Caitlin Moran. The band has already been compared to various bands including Oasis, Kasabian, Libertines and the Black Keys.

Q. Please introduce yourself

A. My Name is Jack, I am a dog walking enthusiast, but my dog is dead and back in Wales, unfortunately.

Q. How did the band form?

A. I met Wayne, the bass player, playing football at school and Mr. Williams, the drummer, at college.

Q. How did the band first get into the music industry?

A. I don’t think we’re anywhere near the music industry…It’s scared of us…It smells like decaying machinery.

Q. What do you think are the bands’ biggest achievements within the music industry so far?

A. This interview, probably, definitely, in fact.The band

Q. What projects are you up to at the moment?

A. The Trampolene live show….and we have just released the first ever Pocket Album ‘Alcohol Kiss’, which was released on 28th April 2014.

Q.  Where can people check out your current projects? Any forthcoming gigs?

A. Our YouTube channel is piece of modern art. Check it out at www.youtube.com/Trampoleneofficial. We’ve also got a number of gigs lined up in May 2014.

Q. What do you think the future holds in store for Trampolene? 

A. It’s hard to say when we live in a world where…Everyone likes everything and nobody likes anything. We’ll see.

Q. What one piece of advice would you give to someone trying to make it within the music industry?

A. Don’t care about the music industry, art or creativity….live for the truth, it’s the only thing worth dying for.

Q. Favourite music artists?

A. Joe Strummer, Noel Gallagher, John Frusicante, Ray Davies, Manic Street Preachers, Carl Barat…How many do you want?!

Q. What are you listening to right now?

A. I’m listening to a CD of Greek music, given to me by my friend Pete Paphides, who also lives in North London.

Q. How did you get into music?

A. I have loved music from my earliest youth; playing guitar for me is like shaking hands with a miracle.

Q. Who do you follow religiously on Twitter?

A. Caitlin Moran…even though…she’s usually only downstairs in the kitchen.

Q. Which song do you wish you had written?

A. ‘Afterglow’ by the Small Faces

Q. What gigs, songs or albums are you promoting at the moment?

A. Our Pocket Album which was released on the 28th April 2014.

Q. How can we find out more about you?

A. On our website, which is at www.trampolene.co.uk.

Q. Final words to the people of North London?  

A. Only in the city that never sleeps are dreams slightly more possible or something.


Thank you for taking the time to read this interview. Be sure to follow Trampolene’s musical journey at www.trampolene.co.uk.

You can follow Mark Anthony on Twitter at @mark_aofficial

See you all again in next month’s edition…


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