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Now we have made our way through the cold and snow of January, what better time to look ahead with photography in mind.

Each season brings its own rewards and its own lighting conditions. Here are a few things to be aware of whilst you are snapping your way through the calendar.


photography tips for SpringThis can be a great time of year for getting outside with your camera. You can capture flowers waking from their winter slumber and make the most of the magical few weeks when blossom appears all around us.

Always try to use natural light when it comes to flowers, and don’t forget to experiment with close-ups as well as spreads of colour.


photography tips for summerFunny how people get excited about sunny days for photography, but harsh sunlight can create more problems than you might think.

If you are going to any weddings or garden parties this summer, be sure to take your subjects into the shade, and try and position them so that the light is coming from the side; that way you avoid either a lot of glare into your lens or the person squinting uncomfortably.

If you go to the beach be careful of the sand getting in to your camera. It can cause havoc with your zoom mechanism!


autumn photography tipsThis is my favourite time of year to shoot outside. It can be chilly, but I love the effect of the sun being low in the sky and the way colours appear more saturated at this time of year.

To maintain richness in your images it is better to slightly underexpose, so you preserve detail in the shadows.

Don’t forget a trip to the park to capture an abundance of fallen leaves – great with little people or a dog running through them!


winter photographyWe’ve seen a fair bit of snow already this year and who knows what awaits us the other end. You may have fallen foul of the auto button, which often renders snow very murky and a lot darker than expected. This is because the sensor ‘reads’ the scene as very bright and overcompensates your exposure.

To help achieve more pleasing images you need to adjust either your shutter speed or aperture to allow more light into you camera. If you have an exposure compensation feature on your camera, use it!



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