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Of course the adage is true that anyone can take a picture, but what separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to photography?

I’ve been at this game for a while, so before any press of the button I would have gone through a list of checks; from my position, to exposure, to desired effect. Instinctively I will compose an image to a satisfying result very quickly, but this is something we can all improve on, with a smattering of that good old stuff; practice!

boats in MoroccoComposition is the single most important element of achieving great images, regardless of what level of photographer you are.

Get into the habit of looking around and absorbing your surroundings either with or without your camera. This should increase your level of visual awareness.

When it comes to looking through the viewfinder check for distracting objects and question the positioning of your subjects. You may have heard of the rule of thirds? The rule states that: The subject of a photograph should be placed on an intersection of the imaginary lines dividing the frame into thirds both horizontally and vertically. By applying this rule, you will create nicely balanced pictures that are easy to look at.

London sightsDiagonal lines generally work well to draw the eye of the viewer through the photograph. They can also add a dynamic look and feel.

Try incorporating diagonals into your shots or lead in with the bend of a road or a twist in a river.

London OlympicsOther things to look out for are patterns, textures and colours. These can add another element to you photographs and create a talking point.

The foundations of composition are all around us, and it’s the job of the photographer to piece them together to present a simple visual display for your audience, whether it informs or just entertains.

With digital photography it is all too easy to snap away without really thinking through what you are doing, so try to remember, for every dud shot you take, you’ll be wasting time at the computer deleting your images, or editing them to death!

Happy Snapping

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