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The Empty Pocket Guide to Going to the Theatre

Empty Pocket Guide

Empty Pocket GuideEmpty Pocket Guide is about having the best time you can have with the money you’ve got.

Do you love going to the theatre but can’t afford to go as often as you would like? Well here’s some hints and tips to save yourself some money on tickets and support theatre productions.


A free to join theatre club that sends alerts out via email for tickets to plays, musicals and comedy for a nominal booking fee, always under £5 each.


This is a theatre club that is £4 for ‘Understudy’ membership. You also get that warm fuzzy feeling as this £4 is currently going towards a Kidney Research charity. You need to be be spontaneous to benefit from Audience club. You will have access to discounted tickets for shows and gigs for a nominal booking fee, very often for  previews and first nights. You have to be discreet about audience club tickets  (a bit like fight club never talk about it, but not like fight club as no fighting is involved) Once you have purchased tickets you must go to the performance.


This is a seat filling and audience development service. The initial fee is £75 but does entitle you to apply for up to 4 tickets per performance. Tickets have a nominal booking fee of £1-£4 each. You will also be invited to survey shows, where cost is around £5, where you can apply for tickets on the basis that you will need to give feedback. These are generally for new larger West End Productions. You mustn’t mention playbyplay to other people in theatre and must always use the tickets you book.


This booth is based in Leicester Square and is open 7 days a week. If you are open minded about what you wanted to see pop here on the day and take a look at what’s available. You can also see what’s available online too. Tickets are half price and discounted with a £3 fee added to all discounted tickets. You can buy full price tickets too. The staff can also give advice on what to see.



A great website that also is on twitter and facebook that lists offers and reviews all in one place




This website often has great offers on tickets but these need to be booked in advance and not on the day. They have good deals if you want a meal included with your theatre ticket and will state what the ticket face value is.


Some theatres have a ‘pay what you can’ night. Where you pay what you can! (Clues in the name) You need to arrive early and be prepared to queue otherwise this is a brilliant way of seeing productions if you can’t afford the ticket price.

Arcola Theatre has pay what you can every Tuesday. They hold back 40 tickets for studio 1, 20 for studio 2.

Old Red lion theatre has pay what you can every Tuesday for first 20 tickets


Well lucky you! Many theatres do special on the day offers for under 26 year olds.

Bush Theatre – £12 for under 26’s

National Theatre Entry Pass – Free to join for 16-25’s. Gives you access to £5 tickets every performance, discounts, workshops and more


The Old Vic in conjunction with PWC have 100 tickets for under 25’s every performance for £12

Royal Court have selected number of tickets for under 26’s at just £8

Theatrefix – Regsiter for this website for free which shows special offers for 16-26 year olds



Who said Mondays have to be dull. Both Jerwood theatres have £10 tickets available on Mondays,  released at 9am on day of  performance online or 10am at box office. So if there’s something you really want to see go on a Monday! There are also restricted view seats for just 10p every performance at Jerwood Theatre Downstairs.

For more tips and offers follow me on twitter @emptypocketlisa or see my website www.emptypocketguide.co.uk

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