Last issue I dispatched five myths about advertising; this issue I am debunking another five. Read on to see what they are. I’ve also added a bonus myth which I feel is the most important one to dismiss!

Left hand pages are no good for adverts. We read from left to right and therefore the presumption an advert will only be noticed on a righthand page is not necessarily the case. As long as your advert has all the right components i.e. provides an answer to somebody’s particular metaphorical pain, states your USP, you are consistent with your marketing and importantly, but sometimes overlooked, a clear way for people to get hold of you, then your advert will garner attention.

Advertising salespeople only care about the sale and not about my business. Salespeople are paid to make sales so you should expect them to want to achieve that; but like businesses, salespeople want repeat sales. A good salesperson will spend time getting to know your business and the challenges you face; that way they can tailor an advertising schedule that will promote your business and increase sales. 

Premium space adverts are the only ones worth having. I can only think of one instance where pushing all your money into a premium space advert might bring home the bacon, and that’s if you have an event. If you only do one thing a year to promote (think Christmas tree man, Firework Display, annual Donkey Derby) then save your money and tell people all about it by booking premium space. For everyone else, small, regular adverts are the key to keep you on people’s radar and for them to remember you.

We have enough business. With markets likely to change at a moment’s notice, “Enough business” should not be your end game. Advertising gives you the chance to grow and be competitive; unless you are looking to retire, forget maintaining the status quo.

Our industry reputation is enough. That maybe the case but your customers won’t know that if you’re not talking about it; and your competitors are certainly not going to big you up at their expense. Your job is to keep telling people why you have, and deserve, the reputation.

Marketing Should Deliver Fast Results. A lot of the time businesses are disappointed when their efforts don’t pay off immediately. They feel if they aren’t seeing a payoff to their marketing right away, surely they must be doing something wrong, right? 


Just because you haven’t received a call doesn’t mean the advert is dead in the water.  It takes time for a person to make contact or make a purchase after seeing an advert. There may be many reasons for them not doing so – it might not be the right time, they could be researching you, asking friends if they’ve used you. For similar reasons, getting a call the first month and nothing in the second month doesn’t mean you’ve run out of steam. Advertising is a long game; budgets and expectations need to be adjusted to reflect that.

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