Why Christmas Advertising Matters: Uncover the Benefits!

Most stores start their Christmas marketing somewhere just after Michaelmas Day (WAYYYYY before it should be legal to do so) yet we seem to accept this as part and parcel of life. We get pulled into the hype and start buying boxes of chocolates and packets of biscuits well ahead of time knowing full well they will be eaten before we’ve even reached Bonfire Night.

This is why I find it strange when I speak to businesses about booking for Christmas & New Year and hear them say: “There’s no point in advertising. Either people will be away or just interested in eating through the 10 boxes of Celebrations they bought.”

I agree that during big holiday periods things can be quieter. But it’s also a time when people have longer to spend with family, friends or maybe just chilling with the cat. And having more time gives them chance to reach decisions about things.

Let me give you an example. The law of averages means that at the same time Uncle Ray, who, after his third Christmas Day rum & coke, is looking for someone to do the Rumba with, there will be another member of the family considering changing their hairstyle, or investing in home improvements, learning a new language or moving house. They’ll be looking through the magazines, searching online and perhaps sounding out their plans with others.

And this is precisely why you need to be advertising. Simply put:

if you’re not there when your prospects are thinking about making change, they’ll choose someone else.

If that doesn’t bear thinking about then invest some time now to plan your marketing for the next 12 months. Defining your where/when/how will be far more effective in keeping your business on radar than taking the “okey-cokey-in-out-shake-it-all-about” approach regardless of whether it’s Christmas, summer holiday time or any other time of the year.