How to maximise opportunities and boost sales during the summer ☀️

Ah, the allure of summer! The sun beckons, the beach calls, and the urge to swap work for a cool drink is stronger than a Yorkshireman’s craving for a proper cuppa. But before you kick back and let your marketing slip into hibernation faster than a snoozing hedgehog, remember: just because you’re on a break doesn’t mean your business has to join you. While it might seem quieter than a church mouse choir during summer, ditching your marketing to fund the beer kitty is about as wise as wearing a raincoat in a heatwave. If you are struggling to find ways to heat up your summer marketing, here are some ideas to turn it into a smashing success!

Assess Your Offer
Take a good look at your products and services and pick out the ones that scream ‘SUMMER!’ louder than a seagull after your fish and chips. Maybe it’s a refreshing spa treatment to beat the heat or a boiler check-up while the central heating isn’t in constant demand. Take a minute to think about unique products or services you offer that would be particularly useful or beneficial during the summer and feature these gems in your marketing.

Seize the ‘Now’ Feeling
English summers have a habit of vanishing in the blink of an eye. But you can harness that ‘carpe diem’ spirit in your marketing, offering irresistible deals on summer essentials that’ll make your customers move fast. By reminding customers how much easier it is to “fit it all in” when the schedule is less busy is more likely to prompt them to take up your time-limited offer.

Dive Right In
Consumers aren’t the only ones who have limited time to maximise their summer days. As a small business owner, you can make the most of your time by getting straight to the point in your marketing and putting your best offer front and centre. Focus on satisfying a need or showcasing how your primary offering is essential to the consumer’s lifestyle right now.

Paint a Picture
Once you’ve snagged their attention, paint a vivid picture of how your product or service will elevate their summer experience. Since you’ve chosen a summer appropriate product or service to feature, it should be easy to detail how a customer can benefit from coming by your business instead of the competition. Use your marketing to tell a story that ends with the consumer walking through your door.

Get a fresh perspective
Don’t let your marketing suffer from a touch of sunstroke – get a second pair of eyes to give it a once-over. Trust me, it could be the difference between a red-hot offer and a lukewarm response!

Bring in the reinforcements
Even the hardest-working small business owner deserves a break from time to time, and I am sure your partner/kids/dog would prefer you to be part of the holiday activities rather than glued to the mobile/tablet. So, while you’re off enjoying the sun, let someone else man the phones and emails. Your customers won’t mind – they’ll be too busy enjoying their own holidays to notice! Plus, you’ll have work to jump straight into when you return, refreshed, from your break.

Take advantage of being away
If you’re a one-man band you don’t have to broadcast you’re away but you can tailor your advert to fit around your holidays. For example set an offer to start when you’re back from your hols and promote early booking via your advert the month before.

So, pour yourself another Pimm’s, enjoy your break, and let your summer marketing do the heavy lifting for you! Cheers to summer success!